Since Childhood, Photography always attracted me but being an expensive hobby, I always refrained from it.

Few years ago, I started this as an hobby. Every photo I clicked, pushed me further deeper towards this art of looking the world with the eyes of lenses. Photography have taught me to see things with different perspectives.

Right now I am perusing my dual career in Photography and IT . Being an IT guy helped me a lot to understand the technicality of the photography and its equipment.

I love capturing images of faces with different emotions. I see this as an opportunity to connect with people of different cultures. My other interests are in nature and minimalistic photography.

Whenever I get time I love to share my knowledge to photography enthusiasts on different topics and technicality of photography. I conduct photography sessions and photowalks.

I aspire to capture natures beauty and human emotions with different perspective.

Thank you for viewing my photographs. I hope you enjoyed them. You can connect with me on below email id.