Importance of Different Perspectives in Photography.

Since childhood, photography always attracted me but being an expensive hobby, I refrained from it.

Few years ago, when I had started my professional career, this hobby rekindled. I bought the photography equipments with my savings. I learned all the technical aspects of photography.

All was going hunky dory when one incident shook me up. I had a chance to visit the Eternal monument, The Taj Mahal early morning.

Blue sky pleasant weather and against this quaint backdrop was the mesmerizing The Taj Mahal. I clicked many photographs  using my technical expertise. People liked and appreciated it on various platforms. I was on cloud 9 until weeks later I saw a photograph resembling a lot like mine on the internet. I started searching frantically and then I saw one more and another and another. No doubt, all were beautiful like mine. By then, deep down my heart I knew that, nothing was exceptional in my photograph. anyone who owns a  decent lens and the required equipment can get the beautiful photographs like mine. It dawned on me,  I am a part of the crowd , something which I never wanted to. I was trying to find things which can make my photographs different from others. But what was that. I tried finding answers for weeks but didn’t get. Slowly, I began losing my focus and interest in photography.

I decided to take help of my friend. I visited his place and narrated the entire incident. He listened to me very patiently. Then he smiled and said. It happens with most of the people. You have the body, but you are still in search of soul. I looked at him puzzled. He continued. All technical things you know are like body of photography and composition is like a soul. You knows how to capture things. What you have to learn is how many ways you can capture it.
The Perspective plays the key role. Start looking same things or place from different perspectives. He said, If I will say The Taj mahal what will come in your mind.4 pillars and tomb in center. It’s because you have been seeing this in photographs all the years. There are lot more things at that place. a mosque in the same premise beautiful garden. A big monument along with the gate in front of The Taj etc.. Photography is all about your perspective of looking at things or places. Tell the world your version…That day I truly found the soul of photography. For next few months I was clicking my version. Like a fallen leaf on road, Children playing at India gate, Different emotions of people, sometimes shadows of various things etc.

All technical things are like body of photography and Photo composition is like a soul.

“When you click with different perspectives in your mind, you get more unique photographs.”

Seeing things from different perspectives helps me in other areas of life as well and this solves many of my queries and doubts.

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